dios mio

Dios Mio – Treehouse

“We’re running wild, you watch me grow. I am a child you’ll never know”

Dios Mio’s new single “Treehouse” only serves as further proof that the quartet can become huge. Effortlessly blending pop with grunge like fellow Londoners and current hot property Wolf Alice, it will only serve as further fuel for the excitement created by earlier singles “Stories” and “Body.”

“Treehouse” offers a calming, sweeping melody to begin with, soon pegged back by an increasingly hectic undercurrent. Though rather haunting throughout on account of Terrance Mallick’s movie Badlands as their muse which leads to the escapist lyrics, the bridge just before the two minute mark takes it one step further. Echoey woos accented by heavy guitar licks suddenly give way to a brief, solemn acapella line bewitchingly delivered by Helena Cohen: “loving you is the best thing I’ll ever do” before crashing back into full strength to finish what feels like their most personable piece so far.

The track is released on September 4th