damien ike

Damien Ike – Even In War

“And even in war I found it all, I found you. Oh and if I’m gone, there’s nothing more that I can do. But even in war I love you.”

There’s no better way to describe Damien Ike’s new single “Even In War” than triumphant; it is a battle cry of love and the chorus stands as its pillar of strength. It’s an alternative pop song that has a faultless production with the perfect potential for radio play.

The song has a haunting and serious start followed by a glaringly clear chorus. The verses are fuzzy, unfinished backstories that introduce the fight for love described in the chorus. The staggered, repetitive, electronic drumming accompanying the chorus punches through the muddled verses, as Ike describes the things that become background noise compared to the love he’s experiencing. In spite of the chaos of everything around him, he focuses on this love. And what could be more challenging than loving in spite of a war? Ike’s love will not falter at anything, and I hope his success does the same.

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