D.I.D. – Fast Food

“We both needed space, someone else’s pillow case to rest our necks on and be alone for a little while.”

Nottingham quintet D.I.D. (the new look branding of Dog Is Dead) unveiled new song “Fast Food” earlier this week – and was aptly aired first on “National Junk Food Day” if you believe in such a thing. The track borrows its title from the band’s upcoming four track EP, their first batch of new music since debut album All Our Favourite Stories dropped in 2012. The EP, released in September, will also include the grittier “Hotel” which surfaced online earlier this year.

The EP comes following the band’s reemergence from the studio they’ve been tucked away in for the past year. Lead singer Robert Milton explains: “We’ve all got cabin fever from working hard in the studio in Nottingham and London and everyone’s been so patient whilst we’ve been hidden away. But now it’s our time and we couldn’t be more excited!”

Despite the name change, “Fast Food” has the same old undeniably Dog Is Dead infectious chorus lines and warming, fast paced feeling as their previous work. Never ones to hide away their meaning, the song has a simple but serious message as Milton explained: “Fast Food is about the petering out of a relationship. I wanted to focus on the apathetic side of things and how we cling to anything fast and easy to make us happy quickly. It’s also a comment on how easily we settle for and take what’s on offer to satisfy ourselves in the short term.”

“Fast Food” and “Hotel” will be joined by “Gameplan” and “Big Lie” to complete the track list. The EP will be available to buy on iTunes or 10″ via Your Childhood Records on September 18th, with a second LP hopefully not too far in the distant future.