Cloves – Don’t You Wait

“I’m not so clever, but I know it’s real. If I lived without you, I don’t know if I’d ever heal.”

This one goes out to all you, lovebirds. At only nineteen years young, Kaity Dunstan—aka Cloves, has started her musical career strong with ballads titled “Frail Love” and “Don’t You Wait”. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Cloves proves to be one of the many talented singer/songwriters who’s emerged from the mainland.

In her second song, “Don’t You Wait”, Cloves gives us a steady ballad about the beginnings of falling in love. It is honest, beautiful, and innocent. Throughout the song, her voice stays silky, smooth, and ambient; but, at the same time, it is rich, velvety, and deep—making listeners feel warm and fuzzy inside. Her voice is evocative of a mother singing lullabies to her new-born child, showing that it exudes maturity, yet also an angelic quality throughout her two new songs. Echoing the sounds of Adele and Sara Bareilles, Cloves has the vocal abilities that go beyond her young age.

For those of you in London and are interested in seeing Cloves live, head over to Gold Dust (Hoxton Bar & Grill) on July 21. “Don’t You Wait” and “Frail Love” are featured on her upcoming EP, XII. You can pre-order it on 10″ vinyl only via the Dully Noted Records Bandcamp website. Check out “Don’t You Wait” above and her debut “Frail Love” below. We can’t wait to hear the rest of her EP due August 17!