Cheerleader – The Sunshine of Your Youth

“And now that you’re older, are you dreaming of the sunshine of your youth? You know that it’s useless looking back, there’s no redemption there for you.”

Indie pop band Cheerleader formed as a two-piece in 2012, but by 2013, the group had acquired three more members and signed with indie label Bright Antenna Records.

Based out of Philadelphia, the quintet dropped their first full-length album, The Sunshine of Your Youth, in May 2015. The second track on the album, by the same name, has a light and fun sound, but the dreamy pop song is deceptive: the lyrics revolve around regret and youth lost, though the final lyric is a nod to hope and starting over. “The Sunshine of Your Youth,” as is the rest of Cheerleader’s music, such as single “Perfect Vision,” also off of the full-length, is undeniably catchy and sweet-sounding, perfect for casual listening but also for deeper inspiration.

Cheerleader is playing a few shows this summer, including the XPoNential Music Festival in Camden, NJ, on July 24 and 26. “The Sunshine of Your Youth” is available for streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify and for purchase on iTunes.