Astropol – The Sound of a Heart that Breaks

“The light goes on, the doorbell rings. Our love’s imagined everything…To the sound of a heart that breaks. In this town, it gives and then it takes.”

Astropol’s “The Sound of A Heart That Breaks” Midsummer version (titled as such because midsummer or mid-June is the start of joyous celebrations with the sun seeming to never calm its burst of energy in the short summer days in Sweden) has the 1980s panache formula wanted in 2015.  The recipe: cymbals, tambourines per four beats, echoed vocals and its harmonies, with a dash of a piano and light mallet instrument solo. Following this song, is listening to a bedtime story of creative vision. The monotone verse drag you on in a poetic glamour until the background harmonies push forward leaving you to nod your head like a leading character from “The Night at The Roxbury.” In fact, this track accomplishes the essence of what could be curated for the climatic point of a film’s soundtrack. Lyrics are honest, epiphany-like and narrative–causing a launch into an spaced out, glittery wonderland the track emotionally wears.

The song reflects heartbreak happening in a non so fond over town. These authentic feelings are heightened in her echoed vocals, first in the background before the foreground heavily. Love gives and takes, Astropol sings so earnestly it’s worth a cringe at the thought.   If a heat breaks, do others around you feel it too? Yes, the lyrics imply. Agreed, Astropol. It is tough not to sync dance movements to the tambourine bangles or sing and dance along to the poppy tear breaker with a group of friends through this summer.  Its  vocals rev up during the enunciation of “breaks” in chorus.  The harmonies in the background is  a wonderland before its delivery in the foreground exits.  This Swedish trio, which makes up Smash, Björn Yttling and Bebban Stenborg, is admiring and defines the astro-pop territory with the solid hook with sleepy mid-tempos.

“The Sound of A Heart That Breaks” is available to stream on Spotify or Soundcloud. It is currently not available for the U.S. iTunes store.