Actor – Swim

“Eyes on you. Time’s no fool. You played that part so well anyway.”

Following her debut “Feline” comes a new tantalizing track from this Leeds-based singer.

Actor, an alias for vocalist Louisa Osborn with the help of Ste Anderson on drums and producer Chris Mulligan, create an alternative pop song that is beautifully dark and atmospheric. With sensitive lyrics backed up by hypnotic drumming, it is Osborn’s powerful vocals that take center stage.

The song is a slow build up but it does a great job pulling the listener in, clinging to every word Osborn says. The singer says she wanted the track to “reflect the strangeness of having sinful thoughts float in and out of our minds, and the idea of how true beauty can only occur when good and bad elements combine.”

If you love the dark and dramatic stylings of artists like Florence and the Machine, this artist is one to keep an eye out for.