Flyte – Closer Together

“42 disposable cameras later…” was the caption that accompanied the link to Flyte’s new video on their Facebook page.

The London quartet’s latest track, “Closer Together”, is doused in nostalgia thanks to a stop motion video of grainy, developed photographs taken using good old fashioned point and shoot disposable cameras. The track itself is also of a somewhat earlier era with jangly guitars and funky synths.

“Closer Together” is written about the claustrophobic nature of being in a band; working in a cramped studios for days and weeks on end, piling into a van and hitting the road together. Whatever their muse, it seems to be working wonders as, although it’s still fairly light on the palette, it is one of the band’s most boisterous songs to date, especially in the second half. Some have even gone as far as to mark it as their “coming of age.”

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