POWERS – Loved By You

“I’m a fool running through your door. With my head and my heart at war, heaven knows what I’m looking for, in spite of everything. We only spark when we start to end. A penny for every night I spent. Baptized by your mess again. But I only want one thing.”

Tweet your hearts out and send them to POWERS. The duo rings for requited love in the alternative-pop lovesick ballad,”Loved By You.” This tune’s opening: comparably high and low electric key notes, a church would be jealous of. No need for a choir, POWERS solely grips you in this ditty as if you secretly read a diary for nearly four minutes–the length of the single. This tune has enough to have you on the edge of your seat, until you leave it to hit the dance-floor, the car floor, your bedroom floor…any kind of floor to wherever you are when this booms the speakers. The lyrics revolve around why love is needed by the one and only we Crista Ru is singing to. And yet, the pivotal lyrical moment in the single is “what’s a high without a low? When I only want one thing,” which extracts the moral that not everything can be wholly good, but can be gaspingly addicting. How Shakespearian.

Ultimately, this tune is a foreshadow: POWERS is an artist to watch. The “Love By You” chorus is magnetic with a charming alternative, electro-pop sound. Relatable, “Loved By You” speaks on the never-love ending relationships, with the expectable highs and lows. You just can’t see yourself without, “in spite of everything,” like POWERS belts when the riffs appears inescapably at the three-minute mark.

The POWERS duo, Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru, channel an attitude and appealing nature comparable to Phantogram, with the badness of Charlie XCX. Check out their Instagram for yourself for their hilarious updates of themselves on the road or in the studio.

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