Filous – How Hard I Try

“I’m holding on to the things you said, before you forgot what this love really meant to ya.”

“How Hard I Try,” a new original EP from Filous implies an intimate, personal tune meant as a confession to a very special someone. It’s revealing and reserved at the same time. The chorus is electric, much like the beats behind it. It repeats often as the three-minute track gives ample time for listeners to reflect on what it means. And mission accomplished: it’s a perfect mesh because the audience can put their own experiences in it.

Mellow throughout, it traps you as the same way a baby is soothed by a lullaby. Yet, Filous’ beat spikes rhythmically in full motion–hiking up your feelings justifiably–for the next twenty seconds after its intro. “How Hard I Try” is a Filous original. It subliminally blends in that montage of your memories in a specific or different relationship(s) while you are also engaging in the ear candy of Hersey’s vocals and Filous’ mix. The heart-felt feelings are translated into a dreamy electro-pop synth serenade to stay on loop in your summer playlist. Admittedly the sonic love is contributing to the summer vibes. Lyrics are woefully poured from a heart longing to keep a relationship going.  The track keeps a balance to be classified both as chill or fancy dance-y.

It’s hauntingly majestic no matter how hard you try to get the tune out of your brain. The dreamy lyrics and beats run your mind into a nostalgic trip not to regret throughout. Finally, it ends the same way it starts–much like what the single is suggesting: to hold on to everything since the beginning. Filous’ debut EP, Dawn, is now available for pre-order on iTunes and “How Hard I Try,” the first single will be received instantly with the pre-order EP purchase.