Sorcha Richardson – Petrol Station

“Can we just stay here forever?”

Sorcha Richardson is an Irish singer songwriter currently based in New York. Her latest release “Petrol Station” is an atmospheric track that feels at once other worldly and intimately human. Richardson’s voice has an almost childlike quality that envelops and pulls you into her world fast. With lyrics that seem like snippets of memory or dialogue, “Petrol Station” tells a story. One that just happens to be accompanied by the kind of music you always wished would soundtrack the more emotionally dramatic moments of your life. Richardson’s vocals float over a slow insistent beats and whispering synths. The song soars in the chorus before returning to each verse like it’s disclosing a secret, effectively mimicking the pattern of a conversation. It’s deliciously addictive to listen to, and only gets better with each replay.

Richardson’s debut EP Sleep Will Set Me Free was released in 2012 and her latest EP Last Train hit the web on September 30th last year.

Fans can catch her live on her upcoming New York and LA tour dates. For now, listen to “Petrol Station” on her Soundcloud!

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