Humble He – Gone

“Maybe when I die I’ll be immortalized by a sentence in the Sunday Times.”

Humble He, a two piece band from Leicester’s, latest track “Gone” is a song for Sunday nights. With Joe Morrell on vocals, guitar, and piano, and Irene Blaze Cameron on cello, “Gone” is the type of song that feels like one seamless moment. Opening with a soft acoustic guitar Morrell’s voice comes in a few seconds later, and while it’s silkily smooth it is emotive as well and makes itself known over the guitar strumming behind it. Lyrically, “Gone” is melancholic and a tad eerie, tying in with the general atmosphere created by Cameron’s cello. Lines like, “One day I’ll be sleeping in a flower bed/but at least the worms are getting fed,” clash this sense of grim foreboding with an unexpected sweetness that makes “Gone all the more interesting.”

Humble He is signed to Flat Five Records in London and seems to have been recording a lot of new music recently, which will be sure to delight fans. However, in the meantime you can check out Humble He’s Soundcloud for more tunes!

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