Thomston – Expiry Date

“Tragic, am I moving backward? I can’t tell these days. Am I losing touch? Or do I think too much? Overanalyzing, I internalize everything these days.”

Are you really surprised we’re reviewing another track by New Zealand native, Thomston?! We seriously, genuinely love this kid and everything he’s released thus far, and “Expiry Date” is no different. The 19-year old has cemented his style with honest lyrics sung by a timid voice with expertly crafted production.

We’re very excited to see what else Thomston has up his sleeves. Be sure to catch him on tour:

May 12: Les Étoiles – Paris, France
May 14: Old Ship Hotel – Brighton, UK
May 14: Digital – Brighton, UK
May 14: The Arch – Brighton, UK
May 14: Paganini Ballroom – Brighton, UK