Astronomyy – When I’m With U

“People learn til their death from their birth, when I’m with you I don’t give a fuck what it’s worth.  I, I look up for love but you made it go. I’m tryna tell you baby, but you’re already sold.”

Everyone needs to jump on the Astronomyy wave and surf along to his slick sound. Labeled as surf/urban on SoundCloud, “When I’m With U” is the latest single to debut from Astronomyy’s new EP of the same name. The track’s use of illustrious guitar melodies, reverb R&B and smooth synths propels Astronomyy’s sound beyond one specific musical genre.

Although “When I’m With U” is the newest release from the four-track feature, the EP also includes the fantastic “Not Into U,” “Swim Deeper” and “All I Need,” which features Denai Moore. Astronomyy’s latest effort is definitely a welcome addition for the upcoming summer months and is sure to be the perfect beach tune.