VÉRITÉ – Colors

“I love to watch the colors fade around me, fade to black and grey. Darling, make me feel at home cause every piece of you surrounds me.”

With a name like VÉRITÉ, a musician must be ready to convey realism in art. That sense of truth certainly hasn’t been an obstacle for this New York based singer-songwriter. With an explosive voice and unique tone, VÉRITÉ is ready to paint the town red with her stunning new single “Colors.”

Produced with Zach Nicita of MSMR, the anthemic track scores with its pristine pop sheen and soaring chorus. Speaking to Popjustice, VÉRITÉ explained the production process behind “Colors.” After becoming obsessed with the track’s strong use of percussion, VÉRITÉ felt challenged to write “dynamically from the start and to really strongly solidify a departure from ambient synth pop.” Her songwriting approach is demonstrative in the track’s final version and captures VÉRITÉ’s lyrical complexity.

In the ending of her Popjustice excerpt, VÉRITÉ says she hopes listeners enjoy “Colors.” Isn’t that the truth?!