Dom Robinson – Elska

Leeds-based Dom Robinson offers up his latest EP for your listening pleasure at absolutely no cost to your good selves. That’s right, the singer-songwriter has made the collection of five tracks available to download through a “name your price” method.

Elska opens with “Things,” a wonderfully bold track full powerful strings and wailing harmonies. It is by far the most upbeat track and is the perfect introduction not only to the record but, for anyone who hasn’t already heard his work, Robinson’s hushed breathy tone. It remains a constant across all the tracks and provides a soft and soothing vehicle for the delivery of his poetic lyrics that seem to float above the much more earthy instrumentation such as the swelling strings in “Enough” or the finger picked guitar line of “Lump.”

It’s a beauty of a record to be quite frank. There’s not much variety between tracks but that’s no complaint. In fact it’s a plus side when you listen to it from start to finish, seamlessly blending into a blissful twenty minute musical interlude to what can be, at times, a rather chaotic world.

Listen to the EP in full below or click here to download it for free.