A Year of EUPHORIA. – Week 2

For Week 2, we’re giving away TWO tickets to see one of our Introducing Artists, The Mispers, at their headlining Oslo Hackney show on April 15th! Winner will be announced on Tuesday April 14th.

Check out our article on the band below.

Have you found The Mispers? Here at EUPHORIA. we have, and we absolutely adore them. The band slowly grew from a duo into a trio, quartet, and finally to the quintet it is today after frontman Jack Balfour Scott and rhythm guitarist and vocalist Joey Arnold Zapata were joined by drummer Jordan Grispino, Brazilian lead guitarist Diego Porto Belmonte and Australian-born violin player Hannah Van Den Brul. The band, who take their name from police slang for “missing person,” finally settled down in East London nearly a year and a half ago to plug away at their music, sell out countless London venues, and build up their fanbase. Within weeks, their first song had been recorded, and they are currently rapidly moving towards a debut album release later this year.

From listening to their debut EP, Dark Bits, and the generous handful of other songs already uploaded to their Soundcloud profile, it’s evident that the band are undeniably energetic in the way they play and are extremely passionate about their music. They pride themselves on a rather unique set up. There’s no bass for a start, instead favoring acoustic and electric guitars, and a violin. Their biggest asset by far is their glorious three-part harmonies. It gives their rock and roll meets folk sound that added dynamic – an extra layer or two to complete the wholesome, hearty nature. They kicked off the year in style with support slots for Kodaline and Hudson Taylor which has no doubt bolstered their ever- increasing fanbase. With Live At Leeds already announced, expect to see the name The Mispers adorn a lot more festival posters in 2015.

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