A Love Like Pi – Jack And The Giant

New York’s latest rock-electronica offering comes from the dreamy A Love Like Pi. Comprised of members Lief (vocals, guitar, violin), Chez (bass) and Krier (drums), the band’s newest single is “Jack And The Giant,” a track from their November EP of the same name. This latest release features elegant instrumentals such as delicate keyboards, dazzling synthesizers and a gentle chorus. All of these components are only emphasized by Lief’s ethereal vocals.  His lyrics are both soothing and encouraging as he tells the listener to “Take your time tiny hero, you’ll be fine. Don’t be afraid.”

Jack And The Giant’s lyrical message adds to its lullaby-like quality. The band states that the track “is all about the space that widens between you and your imagination as you grow older: a space that takes up no room in the physical world but feels gigantic to us in certain moments.” The band has certainly captured this aural and imaginative atmosphere through its delicate production. Although the track is relatively quiet, it’s definitely bound to leave a lasting impression on its listener.