(TOTEM) – Pride

(TOTEM) is the mysterious singer/songwriter/producer from Atlanta. There is very little information to be found about this artist, but we do have a newly released EP titled Pride, which came out on February 24th. The seven-track project has already gathered quite an impressive buzz.

TOTEM caught our attention with his singles “Sabotage” and “Sunrise,” but has illustrated his musical talents with Pride. His voice is swooning and effortlessly velvety smooth. The EP is a prime example of modern pop with a mix of electronic and seductive R&B. TOTEM commented on his Facebook page about the project and the chosen title, “That most human of emotions is with us constantly, and I wanted this EP to reflect some of the triumphs and challenges it brings with it.”

The first track “Rich Girl” is a simmering tune, sung in a flawless falsetto, and one that leads us into an almost seamless transition of “Pride,” a slow burning pop song with heavy electronic dance vibes. The two-standout tracks are “Devotion” and “Shame,” which demonstrate TOTEM’s ability to create simple, emotional, yet irresistibly catchy R&B pop tracks.

Overall, Pride is a profound and praiseworthy body of work that leaves the listener only wanting more.