Thomston – Collarbones


“But I need you. It’s hard to make you not forget that we need you. After all this time, I’m starting to see you. Convince me that you’re fine. Please. I can see your collarbones and baby, I’m scared. Never thought I’d be so unprepared.”

Hailing from New Zealand is one of EUPHORIA.‘s favorites: Thomston. Following the release of his debut Argonaut EP, the singer premiered his newest track “Collarbones” with The Fader. Stoneman explains the track is about “a friend in a rough place, and feeling completely out of your depths, not knowing how to help. It’s about wanting to live in a state of blissful ignorance. She’s okay now, though.”

Listening to the track, it’s R&B bliss paired with his hypnotic voice makes for the perfect genre Thomston has created for himself (listen to Anaesthetic and Caffeine).

His newest EP, Backbone, is set to drop on April 20th.