Spector – All The Sad Young Men

“I don’t wanna make love, I don’t wanna make plans. I don’t want anyone to wanna hold my hand.” 

Following the unveiling of “Don’t Make Me Try” at the back end of last year, Spector have revealed a second taste of as yet unconfirmed sophomore album in the shape of “All The Sad Young Men.”

Lead singer Macpherson said the track “took us the longest to get right because of how much it meant to us.” The band’s 2012 debut Enjoy It While It Lasts announced them as a flourishing source for grandiose stadium indie-rock. Indeed they admitted to making a conscious effort to write something “anthemic but not one of those life-affirming, “Everything’s gonna be fine’ affairs” when speaking to DIY about their latest offering. The lyrics convey that perfectly, a sentiment indicative of a rather passive and fractured generation.

It’s a world away from the philosophy of “Celestine” from their first album. “I’d meet all the girls who are beautiful now but were miserable then, I’d tell them how this all turns out in the end” has now changed to the much more pessimistic “I don’t want to make love, I don’t want makes plan, I don’t want anyone to wanna hold my hand”. Turns out whichever mood you catch Spector in they’ll slap you in the face with a throbbing synth bassline and dazzling lyrics.