Shura – Indecision

What I love about Shura, aside from insanely catchy and hypnotic music, is how fearless she is. She demonstrates this aspect well in her provocative new video for her latest single “Indecision.” Just as in her video for “Touch,” Shura’s actual presence in the video is very slim. The plot of the video is solely connected to the story she is trying to portray. For “Indecision,” it’s the story of a seemingly normal man by day who dresses in drag at night. 

Shura said of the video that its character is open to interpretation, but it is essentially a moving story about taking a journey and change. I think it’s lovely. What’s also lovely is the news that Shura is set to release her debut album in August/September of this year, which she is planning on producing herself. 

Check out the video for “Indecision” below.

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