Laurel – Holy Water

With sultry vocals and poetic lyrics, British songstress Laurel has aptly delivered on her latest EP, Holy Water. Her stunning blend of sensuality tinged with a slow rhythm manifests itself into four excellent tracks, that will no doubt generate buzz for the up and comer.  The twenty-year old hails from a tiny town in England and has recently moved to London to work on her debut album, expected sometime this year.

Until then, Laurel has gifted fans with the enchanting and superb Holy Water EP. The first track, “I Forget,” is a melancholic yet melodious song backed by her unique alt-pop style and simple electronics. The lyrics are poetically sung, which feel like they’re being spoken rather than belted. It has a rawness that feels both relatable and unrequited.

The second track, “Memorials” is the first single of the EP. Laurel continues her signature moodiness and pairs it with deep melodies, only highlighting the strength of her soaring singing abilities. The song has maturity to it, all while reflecting on youthful, passionate love.

“Come Together” is a stunning duet between Laurel and British singer-songwriter, Sivu. It’s breathy and beautiful, with ethereal harmonies and minimalist beats. Sivu’s inclusion on the song adds another layer of dark, moody sexuality through both the lyrics and his voice.

The title track of the EP, “Holy Water” impressively displays Laurel’s vocal range. It pierces through the listener, whether through her hushed tone or when she gorgeously belts the chorus. It feels like a guilty confession and only further demonstrates the power behind Laurel’s provocative lyrics.

Laurel’s Holy Water EP is a masterful second outing. Her moody, melancholic-tinged music is in a league of its own, with its understated electronics, lovelorn lyrics and seductive vocals. The self-proclaimed “London’s Last Sweetheart” is definitely the next talented singer-songwriter to keep your eye on.

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