Years & Years – King

BBC Sound of 2015 winners Years & Years have done it again- the English electro pop trio have released another stellar music video. Similar to their previous, magnificent hits “Real” and “Take Shelter,” the newest video is an abstract ode for being in a possessive relationship. 

Directed by Nadia and choreographed by frequent Sia collaborator, Ryan Heffington, “King” explores the confines of a controlling love. Throughout the video, vocalist Olly Alexander is imprisoned in the clutches of a group of dancers. As Olly struggles to free himself, his bandmates Mikey Goldsworthy (bass) and Emre Turkmen (synths) become trapped as well. Their every move is dictated by the dancers as hands pull the band in different directions.

The video’s use of interpretive dance fits perfectly along the track’s lyrics. Alexander stated that “the initial idea came from the meaning of the song, feeling controlled by somebody and wanting them to let you go.” Rather than blatantly displaying this meaning through a possessive onscreen relationship, Years & Years instead showcase their talent through beautiful songwriting and interpretive storytelling.

It’s with tracks and music videos like these, that prove Years & Years deserve to be crowned into music royalty.