Vallis Alps – Vallis Alps

Emerging from internet obscurity has not stopped electronic pop-duo Vallis Alps from debuting a stunning, self-titled EP. Although a new face to SoundCloud, the musical twosome have released four tracks that are both professional and polished in production. Vallis Alps consists of vocalist Parissa Tosif, from Canberra, Australia and Seattle, Washington producer David Ansari. Their EP is a welcome debut to the start of 2015. 

“Young,” is a guitar-led track that mixes soft dance beats and a catchy, hooked chorus. Parissa’s vocals are absolutely beautiful as she sings the lush line “weeks went by but felt like hours.” It’s a song worthy of being a single and feels like a lyrical walk down memory lane. 

The second track, titled “Thru,” starts slowly as Parissa’s skills take the lead. However, the dreamy and calming atmosphere is then left abandoned in favor of energetic and tropical beats. The once slow song fully transforms into a dance track fit for summer festivals and is sure to pump up the crowd. 

“Oh!” is quite simply a surprise due to its title. One would assume, on name alone, that the track would be a flurry of electronic beats rather than a relaxing tune to coolly dance to. The track’s use of acoustic guitar and repeated, simple lyrics provide a tranquil approach to the other, faster-paced songs. 

The last track, “Reprieve” is a blissful ending to an impressive debut EP. It plays as a piano ballad before electronic bits become sprinkled throughout. Parissa’s vocals are more delicate in this track than in the others, but are just as stunning. Although “Reprieve” is a bit of a quiet end, it wraps the EP nicely and leaves the listener satisfied. 

Vallis Alps’ self-titled first outing is definitely a production to be proud of. The combination of ethereal vocals, dreamy electronic beats and smoothly arranged instrumental layers are sure to catapult the talented duo to new heights on the music scene. 

Check out the EP below and let us know what you think!