Seafret – Oceans

Bridlington boys Jack Sedman Harry Draper make up Seafret – a play on a guitar fretboard and a North Eastern term for the mists that come in off the North Sea during summer. As well as their name, their sound is heavily influenced by their hometown, in particular their families. Harry’s father is a noted country and bluegrass musician, while Jack’s comes from a punk rock background. “When we got together he brought all that to me and I brought all that to him. We shared everything.”

The duo have been making a name for themselves as of late. Most recent single “Oceans,” taken from the EP of the same name, recently topped the hypem charts and with good reason. The song is rooted in a calming, acoustic guitar melody. Sedman’s rousing spoken voice provides the emotional charge in this track as it does across the whole EP, a collection of three tracks as well as a cover of Hozier’s “Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene” and an acoustic rendition of the titular track.

“I know you feel that I keep you in the dark but give it time and your eyes will adjust” starts “Something” on a beautiful note. It’s a slightly faster and upbeat track based on the same principle of poetic sentiment that the band stick to so well. The last of the three original tracks is “Sinking,” the darkest of the trilogy and formed around a piano melody instead of their usual guitar centered set up. “Like a sinking ship out there, I will get to you before I go sinking too”. What it lacks in diversity it more than makes up for in pensive zeal and elegance. A real treat from a band set for a big future.

Stream the title track, “Oceans,” below.