Aquilo – Human

Aquilo, the duo from England, just released their second EP of the year entitled Human. It seems they can do no wrong. The EP features four beautiful songs that showcase Aquilo’s ability to emit and invoke raw emotion.

The first track off the EP is “Human,” a track that was produced by none other than SOHN. His production creates something a bit more intricate and intense then we’ve heard before, but still stays true to Aquilo’s mellow and hypnotic sound.

The next song “I Gave It All” is slower, but still just as captivating. It’s a heartfelt melodic ballad about a dying love. Lead vocals soothingly sing, “You gave it all / Given up on luck your heads above the dust” giving off the breathless feeling that you are floating.

The next two songs “Best of Us” and “Losing You” are just as emotional and heartbreaking with consistent themes of lost relationships and love. What makes Aquilo so enthralling is the skilled combination of simple song structures with mesmerizing electronic percussion and synths. The songs all detail or reference the woes of heartache, a relatable subject to be sure, but they do it without all the overused clichés, and convey it in such an honest and dreamy way.