“Cause every little hair along my body stands up like a golden dollar sign but any little signature of glory runs the risk of showing in my eyes. Flush.”

EUPHORIA. favorite, CHILDCARE, posted their video to their newest single “Flush” a few weeks ago. The video was taken from their forthcoming EP also titled Flush, which is to be released on October 27th via Best Laid Plans Records.

The video, though strange is delightfully so, featuring frontman Ed Cares dressed as a woman reminiscent of the 1960s; blonde wig, pink nightie, black stockings, cigarette and all. But the intrigue doesn’t stop there; Ed appears to be singing to a group of similarly clad gentlemen. I’m not sure what the intended meaning is to this video, but who can deny a man who proves not only women can have provocative dance moves.

Ed sent the lyrics to “Flush” exclusively to us at EUPHORIA. Check it out below.

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