photo: Ed Whitmarsh / EUPH.


EUPHORIA. favorites, CHILDCARE, exclusively premiered their Flush EP. The collection features the three previously released tracks “Gotta Wait,” “Flush” and Blondie cover “Hanging on the Telephone”. The fourth track, “Kimberley” is the newest release from the up-and-coming band.

“I know I’ve got the knife in my hands, I know I had his life in my hands. I know I’ve got his red blood on my shoes, I know I need to tell you my truth. I know I’ve got a face that’s guilty, I know I’ve got a heart that’s heavy. I know I see a cold, pale, dead body. Believe me when I say I’m sorry.”

The track is much heavier than the previous releases, and is clearly representative of the pop-punk and ska influences singer, Ed Cares, had growing up. The track is about a man who murders another for the distraught woman he met in a park, Kimberley. The track’s lyrics also reference another on the EP, “Gotta Wait”, which is about a man serving a jail sentence, and asking his significant other to wait for him.

If you live in the London-area, email [email protected] to reserve a spot for their “playdates” – or shows. They currently have one scheduled for November 13th.

CHILDCARE’s “Flush” EP is due out October 27th via Best Laid Plans Records.