Rag n Bone Man – Life In Her Yet

“Her hands tell the story of hardships that we’ll never know. Her face is a map of a lifetime of well-traveled roads, but those eyes tell nothing of a soul that is spent, a heart that is longing for death. She’s still here fighting, better know there’s life in her yet.”

Rory Graham or better known by his stage name, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, is a Brighton native stepping out of the underground scene with his deep and soulful powerhouse vocals.

Having worked with Bastille, To Kill a King, and CHILDCARE’s executive producer Mark Crew, Graham has released his debut album (for free!) via Best Laid Plans Records (download it here).

A track off the album, “Life In Her Yet,” is one of my favorites. All I have to say is– holy fucking shit. I just sat and concentrated on the lyrics and I’m absolutely blown away.

Stop what you’re doing, take three minutes out of your life to just sit and listen to this song. It’s a beautifully written track and accompanied with Rag ‘n’ Bone Man’s bluesy voice, it makes for a deeply emotive track if you’re thinking of a specific person/cause/situation.