Olivver – Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People)

“I can’t believe I wasted all this time on you. I can’t believe I have to sit around and watch what you do. That all changed when I met Lucy.”

Formerly The Neighbourhood’s drummer, Bryan Sammis announced his split from the band in January 2014 to venture off into a solo career. Since the split, fans were confused as to what Sammis was going to do until the release of his new persona, Olivver, released his debut track, “Purge” on the music sharing platform, Soundcloud.

Followed by “Purge,” were two other songs, “Attica ’71” and “Revvival”. My favorite release, thus far, happens to be his most recent, “Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People)”. Having heard his tracks, I was pleasantly surprised by his vocals– having only seen him behind the drum kit touring with The Neighbourhood.