James Blake – 40455

“Were you listening when I sang?”

Allow me to start this article off with this simple disclaimer: I love James Blake. I love both his albums, all his releases, and the work he’s doing at his residency at BBC’s Radio 1, so this might turn out to be a bit biased. Nonetheless, it features a great track and artist.

With that out of the way, here is his one of the tracks to come out of his residency, “40455.” Now this track is no different from every other James Blake song: it’s production value is top notch, the minimal lyrics (that shock me every time) are ever-present, and his voice is on-point. Now, if that’s not the formula to a great track, I don’t know what is.

I got the chance to chat with James at the Governor’s Ball Music Festival in NYC and discuss his forthcoming album (!!). While he’s done many interviews since then talking about the album and somewhat promoting it, he told us to expect some collaborations (cough, cough: Kanye West… just saying).

Definitely be on the lookout for some more James Blake tracks, and if you haven’t already— download both his albums. You won’t regret it.