Deru – 1979

Deru is a Los Angeles-based producer, and has released more heavy electronica music in the past, but has surprised fans with his new single, “1979.” If you’re looking for some calming instrumentals– “1979” is definitely the track for you.

“1979” was released onto Soundcloud on May 6th, and will put you to sleep (in a good way) if you listen enough times. The song is as ambient as “ambient” gets. Once you hit play, you’re transported into a different world. Your muscles loosen, your heartbeat slows– it’s fantastic.

Think of Deru’s “1979” as an extension to Mogwai’s album– both have similar aesthetics and can definitely be put in the same category. However, if chill instrumental-type songs are not your “thing,” it might be best to skip out on this one.