l devine

Words by: Aimee Phillips
Photography: Jack Alexander
Set Design: Nienta Nixon
Styling: Thomas George Wulbern
Hair/Makeup: Mario Brooksbank

On her strong support system:
“I’m not really aware of the opinions of me, I guess. I’ve got my friends that I’ve had all my life and I’m really close with them and I’ve always been really close with my family. I’ve got really nice people around me and they’re all really kind and supportive.”

On her latest single, “Peer Pressure”:
“The single ‘Peer Pressure’ is about me becoming an adult for real and having all these existential crises all the time,” Devine explains. “Trying to fit in but also trying to be my own person. I hope people listen to the songs and realize that they can just be themselves,” she says. “Especially with ‘Peer Pressure,’ that’s the message I wanna get across. You know, fuck everyone else, stop trying to fit in and be yourself, love yourself.”

On how she draws inspiration from the unexpected:
“That’s what I always say […] the most important part of songwriting and being into music is being able to absorb all kinds of music you’ve heard. That’s how the best songs come about, you’re influenced by something you wouldn’t usually listen to.”